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The traditional web design process leaves much to be desired. Months and months of planning and building, a huge upfront investment, an ever-increasing scope and missed deadlines, and all for a website that needs to be replaced in a year or two because it’s outdated. If you’ve experienced these headaches before, or if any of these things are holding your business back from making improvements to your website, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a better way.

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Cause Marketing: What are the Benefits?

Category: cause marketing

Written by: Scott Umberfield


The business of business is not simply to make a profit, and this is becoming more true year by year in the era of social responsibility. Consumers want to align themselves with companies that are trying to make a positive difference in the world, and who actively pursue worthwhile causes. In fact, individuals are more likely to purchase from a socially and environmentally responsible company, and they are more likely to switch to another brand if they feel that it’s associated with a good cause. With all this being said, it should be no surprise that more and more companies are using cause marketing as a part of their overall strategy.

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Ways to Use Social Media as a Sales Tool

Category: social media management

Written by: Scott Umberfield


It might not be immediately intuitive to think of social media as a sales tool. But more and more businesses are using social media networks as a place to boost sales and nurture leads. A big part of the sales process is creating relationships and trust with your potential customers, and social media is a fabulous place to do this quickly and easily. Here are some ways you can use social media to boost your sales and make your business highly visible to a relevant audience. 

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Who doesn’t like free stuff? A giveaway contest is a fresh and fun way to get people engaged with you, and a cheap and quick way to grow your business. There are a few essentials you need to know in order to make them a success, so here’s a simple guide for running giveaways for your business.

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