Bad Web Design Trends to Avoid in 2018

Category: Web Design Development

Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: January 18, 2018

For as long as web pages have been in existence, certain web design trends have emerged that become popular. Think back to popular trends just a decade ago.

Some of these include:

  • Website hit counters
  • ‘Under Construction’ pages
  • Comic Sans font
  • Marquees/scrolling text
  • Flash animations

Now it would be silly to use any of the trends listed above on a new website design, but these were focal points of websites at one point in time.

In this post, we’re highlighting web design trends that you should avoid in 2018.

Bad Web Design Trends

Sliders/Image Carousels

Sliders and image carousels may make for a nice design, but chances are that nobody is scrolling through to view them. On top of that, too many images and slides can slow down your website because they require a script to run properly.

This website took a humorous approach and summed up very nicely why you should avoid using image carousels.

Infinite Scroll

An emerging web design trend is using an infinite scroll on websites. This means that when users scroll down your page, more content appears. This becomes a user experience issue, as your footer may be impossible to access, as it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the page.

Other than rare exceptions, it’s best to have a finite amount of content on each page and not to use an infinite scroll.

Floating Elements

Floating elements are elements on your webpage that float in the middle of your page as you scroll. These include:

  • Menu bars
  • Social icons
  • Advertisements

Float elements can block important content on your site, annoying your users and possibly forcing them to bounce from your site.

And to be frank, they just don’t look good.

Desktop Hamburger MenusBad Website Design - Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus work fine on mobile because they take up less real estate and reduce clutter on smaller screens. However, what works for one device doesn’t mean it works for all of them.

You should avoid using hamburger menus on your desktop site. Using them makes your navigation menu less obvious. It also forces another click when a user wants to navigate somewhere on your website.

One Page Design

Some websites have begun to adopt a one page design because of its simplicity and being able to give all of your important information in one place.

However, one page design is not a good idea for businesses. By only having one page, you severely limit your website’s SEO, as you can only target one or two keywords for your entire website.

Also, your analytics will be hard to gauge, as you won’t be able to see what your website users were truly interested in when they navigated to your website.

Web design trends are just like any other trend in the world. Certain strategies get popular, gain traction, and then eventually fade out. It’s important for your business to avoid the bad web design trends we highlighted above in 2018.

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