Five Tips to Build an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

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Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: November 5, 2019

As of this time last year, Gmail boasted 1.5 billion users. That means there’s an active Gmail address for roughly one in every five people...on Earth. Now, we’re not saying one in five people actually have a Gmail account. In fact, many individuals stake their claim in multiple accounts for business and personal reasons; however, that shouldn’t dissuade a marketer from releasing an effective email campaign.


Because even as we approach 2020, email marketing is still the lifeblood of most marketing efforts, effectively harvesting an average $32 for every $1 sowed. And with such large returns on investment, email marketing shouldn’t be a game of inbox roulette. Instead, effective email marketing should have strategic pillars like the following.

Target your audience

Sending general emails to a general audience will get your campaign...general results.

Engage with your subscribers by segmenting your audience and sending them targeted emails. By gathering data (demographics, interests, buying habits, placement in the sales funnel, etc.), your company can effectively allocate resources to the proper channels. The customer who has shown interest in your company’s winter sports collection probably won’t gravitate towards your newest line of water skis, and rightfully so. By segmenting your audience you can effectively promote new products and service offerings, build brand trust and value, and increase the likelihood of upselling/cross-selling which will ultimately yield higher profits for your business. 

Hook ‘em with a compelling subject line

This tip might sound like a “given,” but there are a few subtle nuances to touch on. Creating a compelling subject line is important when grabbing a reader’s attention; however, it’s important to avoid overusing hot-button words and phrases like “EARN MONEY” and “FREE FREE FREE.” 

While there are certainly appropriate times for a variety of these terms in your subject lines, it’s more effective to your email marketing campaign to tease the audience with something that depicts a hybrid of truth, vulnerability, and wit. Studies-have-shown-41-characters

That being said, refrain from the long-winded narration and save the impactful storytelling for your body copy.Studies have shown 41 characters, or roughly seven words, is the desired target length for effective email subject lines. 


Personalization goes beyond simply inserting a name into an email. According to the 2018 Adobe Consumer Email survey, customization is of medium to high importance to recipients, with one-third of employees stating how receiving emails that don’t pertain to their interests is one of the most frustrating aspects of marketing campaigns. 

Personalization builds trust and brand value. 

If your company misspells a client’s name, offers products that hold no water with the customer’s interests, provides expired discounts, or a host of other faux pas, your business runs the risk of losing credibility with one of your greatest assets – your people. Although personalization sounds simple and, perhaps, a seemingly unnecessary afterthought, the outcome can benefit your business greatly and should be heavily utilized when building an effective email marketing campaign. 

Keep it simple

Both visuals and copy go a long way when comprising an effective email campaign; however, it’s important to acquire a delicate balance between the two. With more than 70% of people consuming emails on their mobile devices, carefully curating your visuals goes a long way when you have a small window of opportunity (literally) to tell a great story about your product or service offerings. 

Craft a compelling email by keeping your layout simple, professional, and mobile-friendly. An overly busy layout will distract the reader from your message and will be more prone to finding itself in the trash. 

Add a CTA

Forgetting a call to action (CTA) is like having a birthday cake with no candles to blow out. If you don’t provide your audience with actionable next steps, they are left with no resolution. 

That being said, feel free to take a few creative liberties and infuse your brand persona into your CTA when asking the reader to subscribe to your blog or newsletter, download a free resource, fill out a survey, or make a purchase. Your CTA doesn’t need to be complex, but it should be within your email. And with personalized CTAs converting at 202% better than their general counterparts, it’s a best practice to follow suit. 

The secret’s out. Email marketing is still one of the most effective, useful, and beneficial tools already at your marketing team’s fingertips. By infusing these tips into your strategy, you’ll notice an immediate increase in open rates and conversions, and who doesn’t want that?

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