How Your Brand Can Use the NBA’s Brilliant Digital Marketing Strategy

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Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: October 26, 2018

The NBA (National Basketball Association) had its highest ratings in five years last season, as fans are starting to come back around. Its revival can be thanked in large part to a brilliant digital marketing strategy across the league that has helped win fans back over.

The cool thing about the NBA’s marketing strategy? You can employ some of the same efforts at your company.

Using the NBA’s Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Company

Content Marketing

The NBA knows that its fans crave content, and they give it to them. Each team employs an expert writer that writes game recaps, articles, and other stories on their team website. While each team obviously has media that writes story about the team, employing their own experts helps them tell their own story how they want it to be told.

Fans are able to go to their favorite team’s website and see everything that’s going on. The NBA also employs several expert writers that create content on the league’s website ( for those that are interested in everything happening league-wide.

This exact strategy can and should be employed by your brand. Creating content on your website about your business and your industry creates a place for your targeted audience to come to for valuable information. In a sense, your website visitors become ‘fans’ of your content because it’s reliable and helpful for them.

Social Media

No other professional sports league does social media as well as the NBA does. Each team employs at least one social media manager that keeps team social pages fresh with real-time content and updates.

Along with that, the official NBA social media pages share updates from around the league. Followers of the league are never left in the dark about what’s going on because the league does such a tremendous job of keeping pages updated.

Where the league really excels is that it doesn’t just post bland content. Social pages across the league post GIFs, videos, and interact with their fans (and even each other).


What can your brand take from the NBA’s social media strategy?

For starters, create a humanizing presence. That’s what the NBA is best at. Their social accounts aren’t bland. They still promote helpful content, but they do it in a way that is compelling and keeps their followers coming back for more.

They also interact with their audience. They ask questions, post polls, and answer fans that tweet at them. These team pages have millions of followers, yet they still take the time to be interactive.

The last, but possibly most important strategy your brand can take from the NBA is the different types of content it posts. Sometimes pages post videos, other times GIFs, other times graphics. They have a variety of different post types that keeps their content fresh. While it may take more work from your digital team to pull this off, it can be extremely beneficial to your social presence.

Personal Branding

Part of the NBA’s growing popularity comes from it allowing their star players to brand and market themselves. Players can sign endorsement deals with other large brands that, in turn, helps market the league.

They also don’t stifle players getting involved in causes that are important to them, and they allow players to be marketable on their personal social media profiles, which only helps the NBA’s branding.

primitive-social-content-exampleYou might be thinking, “personal branding doesn’t mean much to our business, we can’t have employees in commercials for Gatorade.” And while you’re probably right that your employees aren’t inking deals with big-time companies, personal branding can still be extremely effective for your company.

For example, you can leverage your employees to post content that your company produces on their LinkedIn and personal Twitter accounts. This helps create a wider net of people that can consume your content.

Joining podcasts and writing guest posts for other companies is also a great way to leverage personal branding with your employees. For example, if your CEO joins multiple podcasts in your niche, they can establish themselves as a thought leader, which can help bring in new website visitors, and hopefully customers.

As we mentioned, the NBA’s popularity is soaring, and these digital marketing tactics are helping it grow. Don’t be afraid to steal their tactics and employ a slam dunk marketing strategy.

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