Pillar Pages 101

Category: Primitive Social Inbound Marketing

Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: August 2, 2019

The goal in content creation is to produce content that stands the test of time, which is how the terms “pillar content” and “content cornerstone” – content that is fundamental, foundational, and reliable – have come to pass. By creating a comprehensive, long-form resource for all of your consumer’s questions, your business unleashes a platform of content that can be indexed and crawled by search engines, thus increasing your website ranking and brand visibility.

So, in an effort to not waste any time on learning more about this winning strategy, let’s dive into what exactly a pillar page looks like and what benefits it brings to your business. 

What does a pillar page look like?

Pillar pages can run the spectrum in terms of form and aesthetics (interactive design, storytelling, multimedia, etc). However, that being said, there are two main umbrellas that pillar pages fall under: 10x content pillar pages and resource pillars. 

10x content pages are ungated and optimal for SEO visibility, whereas resource pages are chock-full of internal and external links alike that prove relevant to a central theme. Two excellent pillar page examples? GoodUi and Colgate.

GoodUi Evidence boasts a beautiful 10x content pillar page filled with interactive analytics they’ve compiled over time, stating their objective is to “Get a sense of which GoodUI ideas work best based on 115 tests from people like you.” Their page gathers and assembles a wide array of research and data that is presented to the consumer, creating 10x the value than similar content found on the internet. (Get it? 10x the value? Nice. Now let’s move on.)Colgate-pillar-page

Colgate, on the other hand, advocates for the resource pillar page and continues their quest as an authority on all things related to oral health. With a well-thought-out and executed user interface, Colgate allows the consumer to explore a breadth of knowledge presented without needing to cross any barriers or gates.


What are the benefits of pillar content?

Regardless of the type of pillar page your business chooses to roll with, the crux of the objective remains the same – become an authority on a central topic and provide incomparable value to your consumer.

When your company arranges content into topic clusters, you streamline the user experience and create an intuitive platform for exploring your brand. Furthermore, when your website is organized intuitively, search engines will reward your site by identifying it as a place of authority, trust, and value. The benefit? A higher rank in Google.

Aside from the obvious SEO benefits deeply intertwined in pillar page content, we have the following:

  • Content quality goes up: Pillar pages are usually akin to white papers in length, meaning a fair amount of research is required before initiating production. In light of this, a thorough gap analysis needs to occur to fill any content holes, which ultimately leads to higher quality content.

  • The "Netflix Effect": Tracking down knowledge in a pillar page might not make it on the list of common date night activities, but it does provide an excellent stage to binge information. When consumers are on the hunt for answers, they are ready and willing to bunker down and absorb as much as they can.

  • Clarity in communication increases: Pillar pages serve as a reference not only to your target customers but also to your employees and clients alike. When attempting to explain campaigns, promotions, business goals, and objectives, being able to reference a primary source of data inevitably makes communication more accessible across multiple parties. 

Although writing content for pillar pages is a journey in and of itself, the structure and benefits of pillar pages are virtually unmatched. Learn more on how to make your business an authority in your industry by downloading our free webinar, The Intersection of Content Marketing and SEO.

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