The Newest Hubspot Integrations You Should Be Using

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Written by: Ruth Perkins

Posted on: April 10, 2019

Whether you’re looking to turn leads into customers or continually delight the customers you already have - HubSpot can be a valuable resource for your company. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you’re using HubSpot effectively? Could you be doing more? Get the most out of your personalized HubSpot experience and streamline your company’s lead generation process with the latest wave of HubSpot integrations.


Through PlusThis and HubSpot, you have access to over 25 tools to increase your company’s efficiencies like automated webinar registration, SMS text broadcasts, and countdown offers based on customer behavior. This integration gives your team the tools they need to be successful as your business grows by spending less time figuring out workarounds or spending lots of money on unnecessary tools.


Don’t leave your team waiting for feedback – give them real-time information (from actual customer surveys) to work with! Wootric provides numeric and qualitative data to improve your customers’ experience and satisfaction. This tool uses established metrics like Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Effort Scores which all allow you to act on feedback and delight your customers more efficiently.

MAXG  MAXG-hubspot-integration

Data without interpretation is meaningless. Stop spending your time sifting through data and start getting more from HubSpot with MAXG. Using HubSpot and MAXG, your company can collect and analyze information to generate prioritized insight and recommendations for new leads. MAXG’s AI-powered analytics dashboard is easy to use and gives you clear goal-driven direction from material HubSpot is already collecting.


Keep all your contacts’ phone numbers, recorded calls, caller activity, and relevant conversations in one place with HubSpot and PhoneWagon. Giving your team access to this tool also allows them to see which marketing campaigns were used and how those campaigns are performing with prospective clients. This tool gives your team everything they need to know about client conversations to present a united and cohesive front.


Attentive gives you a predictable revenue pipeline so your sales team has an accurate overview of everything that’s going on with every deal. All your customer information is contained, which allows your team to focus less on everyday tasks and more on the latest deal you’re trying to close.


Connect HubSpot to any online or cloud-based service to automate your advanced workflows without coding when you integrate Integromat! Dictate what Integromat should watch for and what should be passed on, between apps. Then transfer all your leads to one place using specific scenarios and the ability to choose which apps and services you want to connect.

It's no secret we believe Hubspot is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Make Hubspot and its newest integrations work for you by downloading our eBook: An Overview of HubSpot.

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