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Sometimes, you just need to get back to the basics. This is true in budgeting, wellness, and even marketing your business. Digital marketing can have so many tools, updates, and trends to follow that it’s easy to lose sight of the point of it all.

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Writing fresh content is hard. How do I write the same thing but in a new way...again?

I’ve said this statement so many times during my career, but the truth always makes itself known: writing content hasn’t somehow become more difficult (although it definitely feels more difficult) and you’ll ultimately do your brand a disservice if you're underestimating the reader.

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Many of us have the same attitude about content marketing that we have about donuts. Some is good, but more is so much better. And to an extent, this is true (and delicious). Creating and distributing regular blog posts or content offers can bring quite a boost to your traffic and performance in search. 

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Copywriters are the public speakers (aka storytellers) of your brand. They know the ins and outs of your company’s persona and are eager to tell audiences about the many benefits of your business.

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