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Long gone should be the days when a company writes a substantial check every three years for a website design that will render itself out-of-date within the next few months to a year. Yet, for some reason, we still see this tragic misstep occur far too often, and for no good reason other than no one seems to think their company deserves a better process.

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Close your eyes. Imagine a world where your business generates 46 million unique visitors, all rushing to your website to learn about your newest, most innovative digital marketing strategy, only to see you spelled “makreting” wrong. Oof. Now, open your eyes and imagine no longer as we recall a similar moment in the recent past when an eagle-eyed patriot pointed out the typo on Australia’s new $50 bill.

Audits matter.

With the greater majority of your brand presence living online – blogs, landing pages, ebooks, infographics, and more – it’s important for regular edits to occur to prevent poor first impressions and to further establish your brand as a thought leader within the industry.

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The world wide web, as we seem to rarely reference it nowadays, has arguably become a staple in today’s global commerce. Developed primarily in the early 1990s for commercial use, the internet really began to take shape in the 2000s as a hub for new inventions, thoughts and accessible knowledge. With over 30 years and counting of countless iterations, technical innovations and more, one might think the methods used to create a website have been overhauled time and time again. But, would you believe me if I told you that’s just not true?

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Redesigning a corporate website is a huge undertaking, but unfortunately, in most cases in can also be a huge headache. The conventional design process when working with an agency is usually a very time-consuming process with a huge upfront investment that has no real guarantee of getting you the results you’re looking for. Talk about a sub-optimal process!

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