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The pace at which technology is rising and the capabilities that follow is astounding. It’s hard not to see this video and immediately flash back to the fleet of robots in the 2004 film, I, Robot. However, while some people might allow their minds to go wild with the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future, we like to take an approach that views AI through a lens of being able to free up your team of marketing professionals to focus more on the aspects of your company that cannot be automated. Essentially, it’s the lens of efficiency.

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Using Chatbots for Lead Generation

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Written by: Tony Adragna


As we’re rapidly approaching 2019, chances are high that you’ve read about the rise in chatbots as a marketing tool. The popularity in chatbots isn’t without good reason. Ultimately, they’re proving to be valuable for numerous businesses across the globe.

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In many ways, leads are the bread and butter for any business. It is impossible to have a customer without them first being a lead, which is why lead generation is the critical point of your Inbound Marketing efforts.

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Now that you’ve created something valuable to offer your audience, you need a way for them to get it (and a way to learn a little more about potential customers). This is where a CTA comes in.

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