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One of the biggest challenges companies will continue to face this year is finding, recruiting and retaining top talent. We have encountered this obstacle and learned some valuable insights along the way. Our efforts to overcome this difficulty have proven effective as we have clearly defined our vision formula: right people + right positions = successful and scalable growth.

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This time of year usually involves quite a bit of travel and some inclement weather. If you’re traveling for a ski trip (or want to spend most of your time next to a fire), that can be a really awesome combination. However, it also means you’ve got to be prepared for getting some work done away from the office.

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Job Title: Chief of Staff
What is your job description?
My job is to focus 100% on our team and provide them with the resources they need to be successful in their roles. The avenues through which I do this are creating and maintaining a culture that upholds our vision, mission and core values; providing accountability through reviews, feedback and check ins; collaborating on the human side of HR to enhance the employee experience; and recruiting really great team members and interns who fit the culture we have and are striving to have at Primitive Social.

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Name: Meagan Wied
Position: Digital Account Manager
Location: Lubbock
Job Description:

As a digital account manager, it’s managing people’s social accounts: whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I write weekly newsletters and then I help publish weekly blogs.  

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