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6 SaaS Marketing Examples That Are Pure Genius

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Written by: Patrick Foster


SaaS marketing is different to your usual marketing. It’s a relatively new but highly competitive industry, and so creating a stunning marketing campaign requires time, effort, and no small amount of ingenuity.

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No matter the phase of your SaaS company, startup or seasoned, your goal is and has been to maximize your demo requests. As a seasoned business, there may have been a time when traditional marketing proved effective. But now, the trade shows, mailers, and billboard ads, on their own, have lost traction. As a startup, you may think list buying and cold calling are the way to go. You might try contracting an outbound agency, but a few months in they fail to execute. They come up empty on their promise to deliver demo-ready leads and the forced calls may have started to negatively impact your brand identity.

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Some of the top software as a service (SaaS) brands across the country understand just how vital marketing is to the success of their companies. Without proper marketing, their brands wouldn’t be where they are today.

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