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Video content is one of the most exciting innovations being utilized in the digital marketing space. Facebook has already taken notice as video posts are generating some 59% more engagement than other post types. Adding sugar to the honey is simply the fact that watching video content allows for more layers of nuance, emotion, intrigue, and humor to be embedded within your brand, all while showcasing your company culture.

No doubt, it’s a win-win strategy, and here are our top five ways to kick off your company’s video content.

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Depending upon the position your company is looking to fill, your HR department might encounter double, or even triple, digits of resumes and CVs all from individuals vying for a spot on your team’s roster. Once your list of applicants has been narrowed down based on predetermined criteria, a round of interviews can take place. However, with an average, initial, phone interview lasting 30 minutes or less, how self-assured can one be when making these hiring decisions?

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