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It’s 2019 and no surprise to us that millions of people are engaging in social media every day. But, looking a bit more closely, a few more numbers surge to the surface. Stats like,

  • 4.5 million videos are being viewed on Youtube
  • 1 million people are logging on to Facebook
  • 2.1 million snaps are being created 
  • 4.8 million gifs are being served

Every. Minute.

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Ways to Use Social Media as a Sales Tool

Category: social media management

Written by: Scott Umberfield


It might not be immediately intuitive to think of social media as a sales tool. But more and more businesses are using social media networks as a place to boost sales and nurture leads. A big part of the sales process is creating relationships and trust with your potential customers, and social media is a fabulous place to do this quickly and easily. Here are some ways you can use social media to boost your sales and make your business highly visible to a relevant audience. 

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Talking about social media management and social marketing can feel a little bit like the old chicken and the egg discussion. Which comes first when it comes to marketing your business? Which one should be the biggest priority for your team?

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