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Recently, you may have felt like reading marketing blogs is actually a disjointed script for Back to the Future. We read terms like virtual reality, voice search, chatbots, and artificial intelligence, and are tempted to dismiss them as things of the future.

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Trends to Look Out For in Technology

Category: Technology

Written by: Tony Adragna


The pace of technology seems to be faster and faster. Every day we are bombarded with terms such as ‘blockchain’, ‘Augmented Reality’, ‘Internet of Things’, to name but a few. But what does this all mean?

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If you’re a HubSpot user (which we highly recommend), you know that it is an extremely robust tool. It allows you to have all of your marketing and sales activities in one platform. With that said, HubSpot offers you the availability to integrate other useful apps into its system. When you start doing this, that’s when you can take HubSpot to the next level as a tool.

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Using Google Assistant for Life and Work

Category: Technology

Written by: Lacey Wilcox


Google has proven itself over and over as a leading company in technology and innovation. Many of their products have changed the way we work as well as how we find and consume information, often taking current products and tools to a new level entirely. The chances are high that you use many of them on a daily basis, including the Google search engine, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, calendar, and more.

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