What Elements Should Your Digital Marketing Strategy Include?

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: January 1, 2020

As we’re all looking ahead to the roaring 20s, it’s a great time to evaluate your digital marketing strategy in order to set yourself up for a successful year. But before you can do that effectively, you need to know what actually goes into a successful strategy.

In many ways, digital marketing can feel like an abstract or vague term. We all might feel like we have an idea of what it is, but few of us could probably name the specific components that make it a reality. To help you start the new year off with a bang, we’re diving into the elements you should include in your digital marketing strategy.

A Well-Designed WebsiteA-Well-Designed-Website

Your website is always going to be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, and so you need to be sure that it is working for you. This is one reason why we have completely adopted the growth-driven design methodology. It ensures the websites we create for our clients are constantly adapted to meet the needs of their customers and their businesses. 

Your website also needs to be designed with your customer in mind. It needs to be easy to use and navigate, optimized for any mobile device, and interactive for prospects. Make it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to navigate a lot of pages, and offer a chatbot to engage them in a conversation.

A Targeted, Intentional Content Plan

While many things have changed in the world of marketing your business online, some things will always stay true. One of them is the importance of your content. Content is still king when it comes to earning your audience’s respect and trust, it just takes more forms now than it ever has before, including: 

  • Blogs
  • Offers
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Each of these content mediums serves as a unique way to reach and engage your prospects where they’re already spending a ton of their time. Part of succeeding with your content is knowing which ones your buyer personas would choose, and which are better left alone. 

Any well-designed content strategy also needs to include a plan for SEO and keyword research. This makes sure you are using the words and phrases your prospects are using when they try to find a solution your business can offer.  

Channels of Distribution

Once you create content, you can’t just expect your audience to find it in the haystack that is the internet. Make it easy for users to find you by distributing your content where your audience is sure to find it. In the same way that the medium you use for your content will be unique to your business and your customer, so too will the channels you use to distribute that content. Here some are to consider:

  • Social platforms: social media has proven that it’s here for the long haul, with new platforms being developed on an almost daily basis. It’s an incredible way to connect with your audience and distribute your content, so you want to be sure you are using it well.
  • Digital ads: in an ideal world, distributing your content online would be completely free. But that’s not the way things work. In order to help users find your content more easily, you’ll want to consider a strategy for digital ads that includes both Google ads and social media ads.

Clear Metrics for Success

Finally, the last component to ensure you have a successful digital marketing strategy is identifying what success actually looks like and determining how you will measure it. One of the most important rules of digital marketing is to analyze every single thing you can. By setting SMART goals and measuring your performance, you are able to see how well you are tracking toward your goals. 

Doing this allows you to quickly identify what is working well, what needs to change, and how whether or not there are any tweaks you need to make to be sure you are heading in the right direction.

Help Your Business Succeed With a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

These components will have you well on your way to implementing a successful digital marketing strategy. If you’re interested in kickstarting your plan even more, we would love to have the chance to meet with you and learn how our team can help yours succeed. Send us a quick message here, and someone from our team will reach out to you to initiate a meeting.

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